For the love of Pete Townshend: December 2006

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Move over, Regis and Kelly!!!

For those of you coming here, to find out about Pete Townshend or the Regis and Kelly show, I've got something better for you.
Here is a snippet of In The Attic starring Rachel Fuller and Mikey Cuthbert.

This unique and innovative show, mixes music and talk. What is seems to be "off the cuff" really is cleverly crafted.
According to Pete Townshend, In The Attic is "being chased by all the big internet movie companies planning to start streaming late this year." Rachel Fuller, along with her bestfriend, and co-host Mikey Cuthbert, has "caught onto the new wave is of video streaming", and has predicted video streaming to be the next BIG THING.

The best part of these live webcasts, is that they are interactive. It has been noted, by Rachel herself, that folks are tuning into the program, for the entire 2 hours of broadcast. I have to admit, I have left my computer on, streaming the broadcast for the whole show. Even if I was "in and out", I would make every effort to get back to my "small" screen; I didn't want to miss out on all the fun.

Mikey Cuthbert's greatest contribution to the show, is that he is genuine. He is the "everyman" on the program, and gives ITA (as In The Attic is known) it's air of authenticity. While Rachel, can be self-deprecating, she is confident. She is also the partner and girlfriend of one of the most iconic Rock Stars in history. So, as down to earth and sweet as she is, some will still view her as formidable, and maybe intimidating. This is where Mikey, as the everyman is a great influence on the show's appeal. He represents Rachel's life, before her involvement with Pete Townshend. She has been friends with Mikey since her teens. She hasn't left him behind, or ignored his vast talents. Rachel, has instead, brought along her friend for the ride of his life. Through Mikey's experience, we see both Rachel and Pete, being, encouraging and nurturing toward his singing and sonwriting career. We also see them giving other new muscians, like The Vibrants, recognition too. Though Pete has instructed Mikey to drive harder, in his songwriting efforts, he did, recently give Mikey a positive review on his brilliant perfomance at the LA Attic Jam.

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